Tuesday, February 16, 2016

More on Laundry (Unfortunately)

As I mentioned before, I tried to stay on top of laundry while we were with our friends to lessen the huge piles that would face me when we returned to Qingdao.

Unfortunately, I learned a hard lesson while using her machine.

Most washing machines here (mine) only have a cold option, although several front loading machines (hers) now have the option to heat the water inside the machine.  The day before we left, I decided to do a quick load of darks.  Being that we had had so much sickness going around on our trip (and forgetting that you should only wash darks on cold) I decided to pump up the heat.

Unfortunately, what came out was some strange shades of purple and a VERY shrunken pair of jeans.

To make matters worse, it was my favorite pair of jeans (and I only own two pair total).  Getting back to Qingdao, I made it a top priority to replace said favorite pair.

I was hopeful the numerous western brands (Gap, H&M, ect) would give me some decent options for a western shaped body.

Unfortunately, skinny is the only thing in right now.  100 styles of jeans ranging from "skinny" to "boyfriend skinny" to "extra skinny".

I bought the skinny.  My first pair in my life, and born out of necessity.  Sigh.

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