Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Update

I thought once I was able to announce our pregnancy, I would have abounding material to write posts on. Instead I've been too exhausted to do anything but occasionally keep up on my friends' blogs! But I did want to give an update...

This Saturday we are 12 weeks! I can't believe the time has already passed so quickly. Most times I feel as though I've gotten off pretty easy this first trimester, but it has definitely been hard. Working full time is exhausting...I feel as though I sleep whenever I am not at school, and most of my days go bye in a fog. I'm waiting for that mystical "burst of energy" people talk about in second trimester, but we'll see.

The morning sickness hasn't been too miserable. Really I've had two rough weeks as far as stomach goes, general heartburn, and a lot of just feeling blah the rest of the time. But I haven't thrown up once, which is a blessing!

We've had one doctor appointment, which Nathan posted the sonogram on his blog. Don't get too excited, it doesn't look like much in the picture! But everything was healthy, we could see and hear the heartbeat, and we were even a few days farther along than I thought we were. It was exciting to see an actual living thing inside of me!

Here are a few pics. I know it's cheesy, but I hope to do the customary pregnancy "flip book". Here's installments one and two:

About 5 weeks:

And last week at 11:

From Pregnant

I have to say, last week at school a parent commented that my belly was visible. It was pretty exciting for someone other than Nathan and me to notice!