Friday, June 5, 2015

A few of my not-so-favorite things.

I just spent over $100 on pollution face masks.


In case you hadn't heard, we did indeed miss graduation.  In fact, we are STILL waiting on paperwork, though we are promised to be in the final stages!  Hopefully we will be ready to apply for our visa in SF in the next couple weeks.  We have a tentative leave date of July 5th.

As we prepare, I am reminded of the things I do not miss about China.

Super expensive meat.
No personal car.
Expensive and hard to find American desserts.
Communication difficulties.
Difficulties finding a taxi or waiting endlessly for a bus.
Nathan's long work days and the fast pace of the school activity calendar.

Hopefully the good will outweigh the bad! 

It is hard to be in limbo but the past couple slow weeks have been good, if tedious.  I've had a lot more time with my family as my father retired.  Not only does this mean I see him more, but he can also watch the kids so I can go spend the day with my mom!

Today I had a quiet day home alone with the kids and I knocked out several things on my to-do list.  (Thus, the purchase of pollution masks.)

Please continue to Think of us and please contact us if you would like to hang out one more time before we leave.  We will miss all our friends and family here (another thing that I do not miss about China-long distance communication!)