Thursday, June 10, 2010

3 Weeks

Amazing how the time flies. Yesterday our little angel was three weeks old. She's gained 1 1/2 lbs and grown two inches! The other day I was copying pictures to a disk for my mom and couldn't believe how different she already looks!

I remember when she was two days old and we were still in the hospital I was crying to Nathan about how fast time was going and that we would never have those first two days again. I'm adjusting a little and accepting that it is a good thing she is growing. However, I treasured every moment of my pregnancy and I am enjoying doing the same thing with her life outside the womb too. I don't want to wish away the next 18 years and then wonder where our lives went :-)

We're all adjusting to having a little one. She loves to sleep and eat, but hates pooping and cries a bit through that. She takes after her daddy and would love to go to bed at 2 AM and get up at 2 PM. From late afternoon to midnight she catnaps and we are lucky when she crashes before midnight-but at least she lets us sleep in! She sleeps four to five hours at a time during the night, which I know I am very blessed with :-)

At the same time I am adjusting to life as a stay at home mother. It is strange being at home all of the time. The first two weeks I felt so disconnected as life at school was going on without me. We made it up three times to see the students and fellow staff. It was good to see everyone and I miss them all so much.

We are also adjusting to our new apartment! It is beautiful and big and an amazing upgrade from our last place! Of course, we've already had one leak-and while we were in the hospital no less! It was a good thing my mom was staying in the house. She caught it early and we were able to contact our general manager who was happy to come help her out even though it was past midnight.

Wow, still so much to blog will have to wait for another time. Meanwhile, here are some pictures!