Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Glimpse of Our Little Angel

Yesterday we had our 25 week appointment, and everything is 正好(zhenghao), as they say in Chinese. She's already in a head down position, the right size, and everything else is great. Apparently she also has a 高的鼻子, or "high nose". The doctor and technicians were very excited about this, and informed us she is very very beautiful. I'm not sure what the exact meaning of a high nose is, but apparently it's good :-)

Here's a few pics and a short video of the sono. The first part of the video isn't that great, but afterwards you can see her open her mouth and move around a little. Amazing how far technology has come.

She played shy most of the 4D sono part and kept hiding her face with her hand.
From Pregnancy

Finally, a glimpse of her sweet face!
From Pregnancy

And look at those long legs!
From Pregnancy


And last but not least, me a week ago at 24 weeks.
From Pregnancy

By the way, yes I said 'she'! :-)