Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A few more pics

Back when we first were accepted to the company (actually, we were still waiting for the final acceptance) and we traveled to NY for training, we were told we were slated for Shenyang. Also on the new team for Shenyang was Nathan and Emily Forrest. We had fun that week getting mixed up (the Forrests and the Greenes, the two Nathans). In fact, one person still calls me Emily by accident when he comes to visit Qingdao.

Anyways, we immediately hit it off and had fun hanging out together for the couple of weeks. I can't really remember why, but Emily and I began to joke about the possibility of being baby buddies one day. I thought it was hilarious that we could both have boys, we could name ours "Forrest Greene" and they could name theirs "Gruene Forrest" (Gruene is a German name pronounced 'green') While I was thrilled to be switched to the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, I was sad to leave these two new friends behind. Luckily our company has lots of company wide activities and Emily and I have had the chance to meet up a couple of times a year.

So when I became pregnant at the beginning of this year, I began wondering how Emily was doing. We had drifted apart in communication and nothing on Facebook said much new-so I was surprised when a mutual friend of ours came back from a trip in Shenyang and told me Emily was pregnant-and only two weeks behind us!

We finally were able to meet up and swap pregnancy stories a few weeks ago at the company Women's Retreat. Here's the pics!

From Pregnancy

From Pregnancy

Also, here's a few more pics for your enjoyment in case you don't have Facebook. We recently purchased our crib-and got a great deal from a family that's moving out of country! I am so excited to have been able to "nest" even a little bit.

From Pregnancy

From Pregnancy

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yellow Watermelon

Our Ayi has been buying, washing, and cutting up fruit for us since I got pregnant, which has been a huge blessing! It is so much easier to get your vitamins when they're all prepared for you!

Sometimes she brings home new fruits we've never heard of or seen, and a couple of weeks ago, this was it. The name is literally, "yellow melon from the west" (regular watermelon is called "western melon"), but I've never seen it in the west! I was a little worried to try it out. It is so florescent I was wondering what kind of hormones/chemicals/biohazards they created it with :-) However, the taste is nearly identical to a regular watermelon, maybe just a little sweeter. The texture is the same too, the only annoying part is that it is riddled with about twice as many and smaller black seeds than a regular watermelon. Regardless, we love it as a treat to snack on after a long day at work.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Being sick stinks. Being sick and pregnant stinks even more. Being sick while pregnant, with grades due and missing your favorite little person's b-day is truly awful. I'm not feeling so cheery about life right now I guess.

I've run a slight fever pretty much all day. I've spent the day alternating between watching Nathan play Wii Mario Kart and trying to grade. Even being on Facebook has been too exhausting. (I recently took some tylenol though and thought I found enough energy to make a quick post--it's waning quickly). Unfortunately sleep has generally alluded me. Could be the whole body pain. I've even been waking up early in the morning from it. Yuck.

Go away flu!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Laugh of the Day

So I'm home sick today, and while not sleeping I've been catching up on what my little 30 1/2 week bun in the oven is up to. Along the way I came across this cartoon and it made me smile :-)

pregnancy cartoon

To find more amusing comics the website is here: