Monday, December 24, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy 9 Years!

December 21, 2003
From 2012-12-18

And just for fun, lets go back a little further:

Prom 2001
From 2012-12-18

I feel honored to have shared nearly half of my life with this Godly man!  I thank God daily for the wonderful husband and father of my children with whom He has blessed me.  I love you, Nathan.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Just To Make You Smile...

As always, Lizbeth is just talking away, but her thought processes and sentences are getting much more complex.  She keeps us amazed and laughing, that is for sure!  Here are some funny and sweet things she has said recently:

The kids share a room at night and their beds are right up against each other, allowing Lizbeth to crawl into his crib via hers.  After the kids had been put to bed (they often take quite a while to actually fall asleep) we hear Matthew crying.  Nathan goes in to check on him and the conversation goes as follows:


L: Daddy, Matthew's sad.

N: Why is he sad, Lizbeth?

L: Because I stepped on his head.


A few nights later a near repeat occurs, only I go in to check on Matthew.  When I open the door to their room, I see Lizbeth quickly dive out of his bed into hers and bury her head in the covers.

Me: Lizbeth, why is Matthew crying?

Me: Did you step on his head again?

L: No!

Me: Did you fall on him?

L: No!

Me: Well, what happened?

Me: Was it an accident?

L: Yes!  Yes, it was an accident!

Me: Well, what happened?

Me (at this point knowing that she caused his injury): Lizbeth, you're going to get in trouble if you do not tell me what happened.

L: I bit his finger!


One afternoon Nathan and I were having quite an emphatic conversation.  Not arguing, teasing each other a bit, but a little annoyed with each other regardless.  Awhile later Lizbeth asks me, "Mommy, are you angry?"  Teasing, and without thinking, I say "Only if your father keeps lying to me!"

Lizbeth exits the kitchen and goes up to her dad, "Daddy, you shouldn't lie to mommy!"

Needless to say, I have to watch what I say!  


For Nathan's birthday I purchased a keyboard for him.  Wanting to see if Lizbeth understood the concept of a "secret" I showed her a picture on the tablet and asked her if she thought we should get it for daddy. 

That night, as soon as Nathan walked in the door, Lizbeth exclaims, "Daddy, you have a new piano!"

Guess we'll have to work on that one :-)


This morning I found a pile of very neatly laid tissues on the floor.  I scolded Lizbeth for wasting tissues.

L: But mommy! My telephone wanted to take a nap!

Sure enough, underneath the "blanket" of tissues was her toy telephone. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I know this post is WAY behind, but I wanted to get it up anyways.

This year I finally did what I've wanted to do for a long time...I hosted Thanksgiving for some Chinese friends.

To be honest, I don't know if I've ever hosted Thanksgiving ever.

I was a bit daunted by the idea, but I was determined none the less.  Unfortunately, none of my American friends were able to do it with me, and Nathan had drama practice all day.  He got home after the first of our guests arrived.  I did have a British friend help me by bringing a sweet potato dish, rolls, and sausages.  I also had my Chinese helper during the day to help me clean, watch Matthew while I cooked, and wash the amazing amount of dishes I made...over and over again.

Anyways, it went pretty well.  Three couples and a mom came.  I made WAY too much food, but that's much better than the alternative.  My plan was to keep things simple, not go complicated on anything.  My turkey was a literal miracle as when I pulled it out of the fridge after being in there defrosting for 3 days the bottom half was still a literal ice block.  As in block.  Of ice.  I did everything you're not supposed to do (ran hot water directly into the inside to melt the block of ice quickly, prayed A LOT, and started preparing it before it was completely thawed) but somehow it turned out perfect.  As in a professional chef couldn't have done better.  I couldn't either.  Truly.  It was a miracle.  I don't know how it happened.  Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture before they began carving.

From 2012.11 November

I lucked out as the day before Lizbeth's preschool had a Thanksgiving lunch and they had a ton of extra stuffing so I snagged some instead of trying to make it from scratch.

For cranberry sauce I was able to locate dried cranberries and then reconstitute them by boiling them for a few minutes and adding disolved corn starch.

From 2012.11 November

On top of that I had candied carrots, salty carrots, green beans with bacon, apple sauce, two loaves of home made bread, a store bought sweet bread, sweet corn, apple sauce, pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake (which also turned out AMAZING), and banana bread. 

From 2012.11 November

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


A few months ago I was inspired to start crocheting again.  I quite enjoy the art, but seldom find the time for it.  A sister of a friend introduced us to the idea of crocheting from plastic bags.  You cut the grocery bag into one long skinny strip of plastic and then use it as your "yarn".  Unfortunately, novelty wears off on me quickly and after the first two weeks I haven't touched it very often.  I do hope to finish it soon though.

This jump back into crocheting reminded me of the blanket I tried crocheting when I was pregnant with Lizbeth.  I would take the earlier staff bus home because I was so tired all of the time, then would sit on the couch and crochet and pray blessings into the blanket as I worked.  Unfortunately this is another project that didn't get finished.  So...even though it's been almost 3 years since I started, I pulled it back out and took a go at it again.

Lizbeth was quite mesmerized.  She wanted to help too.  I joke that it is taking me so long to finish her baby blanket she'll have to do it herself.

From 2012.11 November

Matthew loves the string too.  I let him tangle himself up in it a couple times before I decided untangling him was too much work (and maybe not the best for the yarn).  Not until I took some cute pictures first though :-)

From 2012.11 November