Monday, April 20, 2015


Ontario OR- one night
Denver, CO- two nights
Dallas, TX- 3 nights
Houston, TX- 1 night
Austin, TX- 9 nights
Albuquerque- 2 nights
Los Angeles- 6 nights
San Francisco- 2 nights

4 illnesses

$1000 in car repairs

20+ starbucks or McD's frappes

Uncountable amazing friends

Is it cheesy if I end this post with "Priceless"? 

Truly, the trip was incredible.  We feel so encouraged, loved, exhausted, happy, cherished, blessed.  Thank you to all of our amazing friends who hosted us, took us around town, spoiled us, broke bread with us, celebrated holidays with us, and drove to see us.  We appreciate you all more than words could say.