Monday, June 16, 2014


Blogging has always been a good way for me to process things.

It seems like, then, keeping up my blog would have been a great thing for me to do during our transition to America.

And it would have been.

But everytime I would sit down to write, all of the emotions and stress and exhaustion would rise to the surface and I would be overwhelmed.  Completely blocked from writing.  Unable to process.

And so I would shut the computer, get up, and pack one more box.  Make one more list.  Dial one more phone call.  Anything to keep moving towards the unavoidable June 12th date.

It's now June 16th.  We're here.  We've had four days to unpack, rest, eat, and try to sleep.  Am I any less emotional, stressed, or exhausted?  Not much.  But getting there.