Monday, October 26, 2015

Technological Issues

Uhg.  These past few months have been trying, especially in the technological area.

I am under some sort of curse.  Or at least being challenged.  And I haven't always responded well. 

Now that I'm getting into the swing of living here and working part time, I've been wanting to get more posts up, maybe even put together a newsletter of sorts.  Unfortunately, I've been thwarted at every take.

For instance, today I had sweet pics on my phone of Lizbeth and her close friend huddling under an umbrella on the way home from school today.  I thought I'd quickly upload them and give you a few notes about our changing seasons here...unfortunately, my phone is Chinese so it does not have gmail and I can't get it to talk to my computer through either the cord or bluetooth. pics today.

This is my third phone since moving to China, trying to get one in the affordable price range that does what I need (both works well and has a high connection speed--seems to be I can't have both).  Each time I switch or reset the phone I have to re-enter all my phone numbers and basically I don't ever have the phone number I need.

Before we left America we invested in a high quality computer that I hoped would do everything I need.  Two weeks ago, it worked great.  The next morning I woke up and the keyboard didn't work.  After exhausting every option, I have had to buy a wireless keyboard to use instead.  Turns out my warranty is only good once I step back into the good old US of A.  Which I don't plan to do anytime soon.

Shortly after that, my sewing machine quit.  Was sitting at it, sewing.  Stood up to go iron the piece I was working on, came back and it no longer worked.  

Last month I was in Beijing and basically couldn't get on the internet through my phone or computer no matter where I went.  Completely unexplained.

So...I'm frustrated.  Trying to be patient.  At times I even find humor in it all.  But it definitely doesn't help my ability to get things done.  You can pray for me.