Sunday, September 22, 2013

They say if you want to know what is said within a family, ask the 3 year old.

Right now BOTH kids are into mimicking.

One thing that drives Nathan and me crazy is parking in China.  One of my friends used to have a folder on Facebook with pictures of horrible parking jobs in the States...they don't even come close to what we see over here!  Basically, the philosophy seems to be if you can fit it, no matter the cost to anyone else, you can take it.  Many times this means the entrance to my apartment stairwell.

This didn't bother me nearly as much until I had a stroller.  Stepping to the side is no big deal when you're only concerned with your own two feet.  When you're pushing a stroller loaded down with two kids, groceries, and a diaper bag, this is a lot more difficult.  Up, over the sidewalk edger, through the bushes, turn 90 degrees to go back over the sidewalk edger again back onto the sidewalk, twist, up a step, open the stairwell door, and through the door before it closes on you...

Even worse is when you have to do this into traffic.  Not only inconvenient, but dangerous as well.  Here, let me point my stroller, with my precious baby in it, off the curb, into the traffic and crazy drivers who don't care about pedestrians, around the obnoxious car hanging halfway into the road, back up on the curb, and onto the sidewalk...awesomeness.

So anyways, back to my adorable kids. Lizbeth is to the point she says whatever I say, and often this is complaining about the poor parking job someone has inconvenienced me with. So the other day, we are walking back from dinner and Nathan and I are chatting away, kinda ignoring the kids.  Then I hear Lizbeth say:

"Aw, come on!  You've got to be kidding me! No way!"  I look ahead where she's pointing and there is a car parked across the sidewalk in front of us.

The funny part was then I hear a smaller voice say

"No ae!"

That's right, we have a 3 year old that mimics us, and a 1 year old that mimics her...

It's also funny, albeit annoying sometimes, when they mimic each other.  Matthew will say in his 18month old language something like "ookie" (cookie).  Then Lizbeth will mimic him in baby language, and he will mimic her, ect.  They'll go back and forth with this until I call it quits. 

But they can always bring a smile to my face :-)