Monday, February 15, 2016


One downside of a big trip is the mountains of laundry to catch up on...

Even though I tried to stay on top of it while we were gone, a lot had accumulated by the time we got back.  That combined with the fact I felt it was a great time to strip our beds and wash our sheets, I'm drowning in the piles.

The hard part is, without a dryer, I am limited in how many loads I can do a day (usually 1-2).  Unless we get some real sun (it's currently snow/sleeting), it will probably take weeks to catch back up.

I'll probably have to start getting creative about my hang drying spaces again!  You can read about our struggles in this department last summer (and why I can only wash 1-2 loads a day) here

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Kristen said...

My favorite Mother's Day gift was the IKEA drying rack I made Adam and the kids buy for me. Five years later, I'm still using it all year, indoors and out. I remember Edie Brecht saying that in their early marriage, it took six days for a pair of jeans to dry on a wintertime basement clothesline!