Saturday, February 13, 2016


We are extremely excited that our close friends recently moved back to China.  Although not to our city, they are now only a 4 hour train ride away.  When our other plans for our Chinese New Year holiday fell through, it was no question where we'd be.  It seemed a little crazy to leave our cold city for somewhere farther north, but good friends are worth it :-)

They were extremely kind to host us for an entire week, especially so recently after they moved into their new apartment (they've been there less than a month).  How they scrounged up enough blankets/sheets/pillows for all of us, I don't know!

Although the kids hadn't seen each other for a year, they got on famously.  Both our kids cried their eyes out when we had to leave.  Our only comfort is that it shouldn't be a year before we see each other again!

The only downside was that we battled a stomach flu while we were there.  It was a very strange version of 10 little Indians...every day just one person would throw up.  Thankfully, three of us escaped, so the last couple days were vomit free.

Being Chinese New Year, there were fireworks galore.  Thankfully our kids seem to have adjusted to the thundering blasts (Matthew used to wake up screaming), so we were just able to enjoy the colorful displays.  One night Jacquelyn and I went out walk.  There are very few controls about where you can set them off.  We were walking down the road and suddenly amazing blasts appeared right in front of us--we had to wait until they were finished before we could continue on!  At least I was able to get some good up close and personal shots.

Overall it was a fantastic trip, and so hard to leave...we are thankful for these amazing friends, and that it is now that much easier to visit them!

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