Monday, May 2, 2016

Two Months?!

Seriously?  How could I have gotten two months behind on blogging yet again?

I swear we skipped March.  We got a nasty bug that knocked us out for 2-3 weeks, plus Nathan was finishing up his third quarter masters classes.

April was filled with our trip to Thailand, finding out we're pregnant with baby number three,  Matthew's birthday, a wonderful visit from our friends the Carmans, Nathan's Masters culmination exam, and preparing for the Middle School Drama!  Wow.  Who knew you could do so much in one month?  No wonder my house is trashed.

Not to mention I've been feeling pretty poorly from said pregnancy.

I'll try to catch you all up to speed in the next couple weeks. 

Here is the link to our announcement video, plus lots of fun shots of other things we "discovered" in Thailand.

Lastly, we will be in Oregon and San Francisco June 4th-19th, so please look us up!  We would love to see you!


Kristen said...

Oh, to live closer to warm oceans and tropical islands! Northern Idaho is not for those who need to be warm.
Congratulations on passing the little test! I hope Nathan did as well with his.

Patricia Berry said...

Hey congratulations on your pregnancy! Hope you are feeling good, staying healthy. I saw your picture on my moms fridge and found your blog. So nice to see you and your family. Thinking warm thoughts of you with fond memories. --Patty